Nanoshield Receives EPA Approval

Nanoshield’s State-of-the-Art, Antimicrobial Film Continuously Disinfects in Between Cleanings to Prevent Spread of Bacteria and Viruses, Including COVID-19

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Nanoshield (EPA number 84542-9), a self-disinfecting, antimicrobial transparent film. Nanoshield uses a patented form of copper to continuously keep high-touch surfaces free of viruses and bacteria, which reduces infectious disease transmission spread, like COVID-19, via common surfaces.

EPA approval comes after Nestlé Professional announced deploying Nanoshield screen protectors on its out-of-home coffee machines. As public health orders for the COVID-19 pandemic expire in the US, facilities everywhere will look for proven solutions to keep patients, students, customers and employees protected from a spike in coronavirus cases or other common viruses. Nanoshield's continuous activity defends against viruses and bacteria to provide a practical and cost-saving solution between scheduled cleanings. Nanoshield is available in rolls or tape, and the film can be sized and customized for a variety of applications.

In tests conducted in labs around the world, Nanoshield killed viruses ranging from those that cause the common cold and staph infections in hospitals.

· 99.99% of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in 15 minutes

· 99.99% Influenza (H3N2) in 3 minutes

· 99.95% of Coronavirus 229E in 15 minutes

· 99.99% of Coronavirus OC43 in 30 minutes

· 99.99% Norovirus surrogate (FCV) in 5 minutes

· 99.89% Escherichia virus (MS2) in 5 minutes

· 99.99% E. coli in 5 minutes

· 99.99% Staphylococcus aureus in 15 minutes

We are thrilled to announce EPA approval and fortunate to be working with Nestlé. In our new environment, it’s key to understand Nanoshield’s efficacy in protecting against viruses, resulting in creating safer environments,” says Koytt Nichols, President, Keywest Technology, Inc.; exclusive US distributors for Nanoshield. “Nanoshield is important to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and any other infectious diseases now and well into the future.”